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Inspired by Seminyak, Bali Spa

Seminyak Pure Essential Oil *Limited Edition*

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Inspired by the cities of Bali, VELOCE® Bali Spa Series promises an uplifting, revitalising and healing spa experience. Special thanks to the VELOCE® community for curating this series with us, from the selection of the names, designs to colours of the bottle labels. 

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A revitalising fresh scent that takes you on a walk along Bali's beautiful sand beaches. It's refreshing, it's alluring.

Aroma: Floral Fresh
Mood: Refreshing, Revitalising, Spa
Sampaguita, Jasmine, Tea, Lemongrass

Country of Origin Singapore
Volume 10ml / 20ml / 50ml
Usages Use directly with:
  • Veloce® Waterless Diffusers
  • Candle Burner
  • Electric Vapouriser

Can also be used in the production of:

  • Soap & Shampoo
  • Scented candles
  • Hand sanitisers
Avoid direct skin contact. Avoid contact with eyes. If contacted, wash under tap water immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Do not place directly onto fabric or furniture. Do not place on varnished surface.


    The Origins:
    Digital Diffusers: Made in Taiwan
    Oils, Perfumes, Room Sprays: Made in Singapore

    Seminyak Pure Essential Oil *Limited Edition*
    Seminyak Pure Essential Oil *Limited Edition*
    Seminyak Pure Essential Oil *Limited Edition*
    Seminyak Pure Essential Oil *Limited Edition*
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