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VELOCE® Gift Card

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Introducing our exclusive e-gift card—an effortless and personalised way to share the joy of gifting. Delight your loved ones with the freedom to choose from our wide array of curated offerings. Crafted for convenience, our digital gift card is delivered via email. With flexible denominations and easy online redemption, this e-gift card ensures a seamless and memorable gifting experience for any occasion. Give the gift of choice and celebration with our online e-gift card—it's the perfect way to make someone's day special, effortlessly.

The Origins:
Digital Diffusers: Made in Taiwan
Oils, Perfumes, Room Sprays: Made in Singapore

VELOCE® Gift Card
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $10
Enjoy $5 OFF $100 spend

Or recreate this scent into a...


    Wedding Favour

    Memorable for everlasting impressions.


    Corporate Gift

    Memorable gift for a grand purpose.


    Commercial Scent

    Scent up your hotel, retail and office spaces with this.